Israel/Palestine – the view from Australia (Reprise)

Earlier I posted a story on the competing interests jockeying for the Australian government's attention following Palestine's statehood application at the UN. This issue is a dense jungle of competing historic claims to land, conquest and persecution, made all the more complicated by the involvement of outside players and the gradual intertwining of Palestinian and Israeli… Continue reading Israel/Palestine – the view from Australia (Reprise)

Israel/Palestine and the view from Australia

An Australian-born son of Palestinian refugees in Melbourne has said he “can’t understand why the Australian government wouldn’t support the Palestinian statehood bid at the UN”. Moammar Mashni, co-founder and manager of Australians for Palestine, said the Labor Party’s national platform supported a two-state solution. “As the democratically elected government of this country … when… Continue reading Israel/Palestine and the view from Australia