Fresh Air in Villa de Leyva

"So how were the kites?" It's Tuesday afternoon, first Spanish class after the previous long weekend. "The what?" "The kites, you went to Villa de Leyva for the Kite Festival, right?" My classmate, a Korean kid not much older than me, looks a little bemused. "...oh yeah, there were kites at that thing." I feel… Continue reading Fresh Air in Villa de Leyva

First Weeks in Bogotá

After three weeks in Bogotá and around 15 days in our house, we have internet. The people at the bizarrely named 'TaiwanNet' down on Calle 12 are going to wonder what happened to the gringo who came in every second day for a few minutes to check his emails and talk about the Olympics. Today everyone's… Continue reading First Weeks in Bogotá