It should be noted that Colombia isn’t exactly the easiest country to travel. It’s not the hardest, but that conveniently timed bus still means ten hours of twisting and rolling around in your seat as the bus driver throws himself down and back up Colombia’s three ranges of Andes. If you’re lucky, you’ll get vallenato blasted at you all night.

My two months away wasn’t all sleeping in Amazon tree houses (some arsehole robbed our Bogota house and took those photos), surfing on the Pacific coast (coming soon), chasing anacondas in Los Llanos or staggering up mountain passes in El Cocuy. There was a few days spent in random cities waiting for bus connections, Christmas with friends on the Caribbean coast, several days in Medellin after the Pacific coast and several more in San Gil before crossing into Venezuela. The stories themselves aren’t too exciting and are much better told by this random little group of photos.

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