Apparently it’s good for journalists to have a blog

So for a class this semester – “Online Journalism 1” – we all need to be keeping blogs about online journalism. That is, the world of blogs, tweets and jazzy words like that. Having sporadically maintained the Naked Pun for over a year now, I’ve often struggled with the fundamental question faced by most bloggers: “who cares?” Or maybe they don’t, and that’s why they blog. Living in Colombia on a student exchange was possibly the best thing that has happened to this blog so far – just by being in an interesting place, the Naked Pun was interesting by default and the readership duly grew. Just hanging out on the street in a student protest plus a bit of background research could provide great material for a post.

This sort of thing goes down all the time in central Bogota
This sort of thing goes down all the time in central Bogota

The challenge, however, comes now. Back in Brisbane, it’s a little harder to chase up interesting things to write about. And if I do, why go to all that effort for the few casual clickers who breeze by every now and then? That’s probably where the difference between a successful and unsuccessful blog can be found – the effort you’re willing to go to.

But Brisbane IS WHERE IT'S AT!!
But Brisbane IS WHERE IT’S AT!!

Reading the lecture notes and fellow students’ first blog posts, it appears a woman named Nikki Parkinson was a guest lecturer last week – she’s ‘made it’ as a blogger and reckons the way to build a good blog is to:

• Inform
• Inspire
• Add value
• Solve problems
• Be consistent
• Use words, photos, videos, audio
• Write in the first person
• Tell a story
• Vary your content
• Worth with your strengths
• Break up text with images, lists, sub-headings and video
• Shape your own message
• Be the first with comment on news that relates to your topic
• Comment on events that affect your industry and/or your customers
• Build your credibility as an expert

• Find your tribe
• Engage on social media networks around your blog
• Comment on other blogs and other social media
• Start conversations!
It all sounds like a lot of work. Does the Naked Pun do any of these things for you, dear reader? Don’t talk to your computer, put it in the comments section down there!

Oh and for the benefit of any markers who’re potentially looking at this, I only returned to Australia late last week and have therefore missed two lectures and a tutorial. But my post is up, hope that’s ok.

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  1. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on her observations. Nikki has done an amazing job but is also the first to admit there’s not one right way to do it. You’ve got a very solid and interesting blog in its own right so what do you think of what she had to say? Of what the future holds in general? What do you agree with? All of it? What are unsure of?

    A little more detailed analysis rather than a recap makes this a much more interesting read (the first half is great).

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