Still in Tasmania: The South East

Well, we’ve had almost six weeks in Tasmania now and have only just made it to the west coast, known as the wilder part of this strange little island. We seemed to get stuck in the south east for quite a while there, because every dirt road seems to conceal some little version of paradise.… Continue reading Still in Tasmania: The South East

Down Under Down Under

Our guts celebrated their return to Australia with a final, furious salvo of the Delhi Belly that had been plaguing us since, well, Delhi. Call it a kneeling ovation for the India trip. Luckily, we had Dad’s spacious place to recover in, and after almost turning ourselves nocturnal with some poor responses to jetlag, we… Continue reading Down Under Down Under

In India! (Part Two)

This is Part Two of a two-part post about our trip to India. Click here for Part One. Ramthanbore From Pushkar we headed east once more to Ramthanbore, outside the bustling city of Sawaii Madhopour. We came for one reason: tigers. There is almost nothing for a tourist to do in Ramthanbore except taking bumpy,… Continue reading In India! (Part Two)

In India! (Part One)

Delhi When it came to driving, Deep had a bit of an ego on him. Our hotel in the central area known as “Old Delhi” had sent him to pick us up from Indira Gandhi International late on a Wednesday night, and he obviously relished his role as the very first of the 1,326,801,576 (as… Continue reading In India! (Part One)

Back To Australia

Just thought I should give a little update on our movements, even though we’ve almost – but not quite – caught up with everyone in person here in Australia. The Photo Menace Our stopover in Los Angeles was a tight one, especially when airport security staff – that multicultural, friendlily stern farewell to America –… Continue reading Back To Australia

One Last American Road Trip

I know I said the posts were going to be shorter. And I was going to post this in smaller chunks, but bugger it. It’s going up in one big load. I’m sorry. When I last left off, Hailee and I had quit our jobs and were getting ready to fly down to Australia. However,… Continue reading One Last American Road Trip

The Australian Road Trip Begins – Leaving the Bay Area

Well, I’m writing on this blog and that can only mean one thing: it’s adventure time once more. Hailee and I have left the United States and, assuming we find a vehicle, will soon start meandering our way around Australia. It’s been two years since I’ve been back and there are a lot of people… Continue reading The Australian Road Trip Begins – Leaving the Bay Area