The Worst Smelling Waterfall in the World

Originally published in The City Paper Bogota on June 18, 2013 as "Tequendama: Forgotten Falls". Find the original story here. The trip to Tequendama Falls does not smell nice. You’ll start on the Transmilenio, which houses a diverse mix of body odour and strong perfume at the best of times, and riding down the G… Continue reading The Worst Smelling Waterfall in the World

“Take Your Parents Where?”

Originally published in the May 2013 edition of the Bogota City Paper. It took me a moment to realise I was being mugged. He was friendly at first and I didn’t notice when the tone changed and the knife appeared at my throat. I handed over my cash and he seemed pleased: “This is a… Continue reading “Take Your Parents Where?”

Buena Suerte, Venezuela

First published in The Skinny magazine's April 2013 edition. To see the original piece click here. “It’s all lies, whatever it is your media tells you about him. Sure, Venezuela has some issues. The biggest one is security. But he’s done great things for the country, he helps the poor, and that’s why the Americans… Continue reading Buena Suerte, Venezuela

The Travel Hot List 2013

First published in the Skinny Magazine's May 2013 edition and written with Ally Brown. Original article can be found here. Still unsure of where to go this summer? Tired of the 'beaten track'? Allow The Skinny's travel experts to let you in on the hottest destinations every in-the-know traveller is whispering about in 2013 1.… Continue reading The Travel Hot List 2013