10 Reasons To Do Your Next Trip By Bicycle

Before we launch into the details, from route planning to gear to hiker-biker camp culture, I thought it’d be fun to assemble ten reasons why you (yes, you!) should get your wheels on the road for the first time. Personally, I could go on forever about why cycle touring is the greatest thing since sliced bread and how you should start planning your trip right now, so it took considerable effort to trim this list back to just ten.

For One Weekend Only: Snow in Seattle

During a February week, everyone living between the western slopes of the Cascade Mountains and the Pacific Ocean chased snow across the weather forecast. We were like the survivor of a plane crash in the Gobi Desert tottering after a lake receding into the horizon. We were like an old, arthritic dog wagging its tail… Continue reading For One Weekend Only: Snow in Seattle

How The Heck Do You Sum Up 2020?

As many of you might suspect, writing is a form of therapy for me. The process of forcing my ideas, emotions and experiences into the tight regulations of grammar and verbal definition helps resolve the questions in my head, whether it’s early pandemic optimism, theories about history and culture or whatever the heck is going… Continue reading How The Heck Do You Sum Up 2020?