A Review of Hunter S. Thompson’s “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ‘72”

No country is more obsessed with statistics than the United States. Just take a look at their two most popular sports: baseball and American football. To watch either of them on television is to track seven or eight different scorecards at the same time — how many points each team has, how many yards until… Continue reading A Review of Hunter S. Thompson’s “Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ‘72”

How Social Media Works

In the last post, I offered an (admittedly dramatic) introduction to a new series designed to help us find good information and recognise bad information in this U.S. election year. I think it’s helpful to think of information like food: we are lucky to be surrounded by an abundance of both. However, some of it… Continue reading How Social Media Works

Exploring the World From Your Desk

Distraction is one of the great perils of white collar work, right up there with poor posture and the development of flabby, underused leg muscles. That’s because if you’re working on a computer in 2019, you’re almost certainly on the internet — and more engaging activities are never more than a click or two away.… Continue reading Exploring the World From Your Desk

Post Cards From The Borders, Part Two

Last week, we started a two-part series where I tried to wrap my feeble mind around an evolving fixation on borders. We started with grandiose adventures across the somewhat meaningless boundary between Queensland and New South Wales, followed by the thoroughly underwhelming frontiers in Europe and the more exciting crossing further east. Iran/Armenia, 2014 We… Continue reading Post Cards From The Borders, Part Two

Post Cards From The Borders, Part One

Queensland/New South Wales, 1996 - 2004 When I was small, my family lived in a small city on Queensland’s Wide Bay. At least once a year we would load up and drive south, usually over two days. The destination was Tamworth, where my mum grew up and where my grandmother still lives. For me, the… Continue reading Post Cards From The Borders, Part One