The Complete Guide to Bicycle Touring

complete guide to bicycle touring

Welcome to the Complete Guide to Bicycle Touring! Throughout 2021 and beyond this page will progressively grow with links to blog posts discussing everything you need to know before hitting the road on your first big bicycle tour. We’ll discuss bicycle touring culture, route planning, navigation, emotional and physical preparation, essential skills (don’t worry, there aren’t many!) and other elements of life on the road. Check back here for new posts each week, or sign up for the mailing list to get word of each week’s post plus a digest of the internet’s best travel, culture and science writing. And if you’re interested in my other writing — from bike tour reports to history to random pieces about crows — you can read them on my homepage.

Alright! Let’s get into it:

  1. Introduction to Bicycle Touring: “Why On A Bike?”

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