Hiking Frenchman’s Cap

Frenchman’s Cap is a white mountain, made mostly of quartzite, in Tasmania’s southwestern wilderness. It doesn’t look like a Frenchman, or a cap, but apparently some convicts thought it did so that was that. On a clear day you can get a glimpse of it from the Lyell Highway as you cross the island from… Continue reading Hiking Frenchman’s Cap

Still in Tasmania: The South East

Well, we’ve had almost six weeks in Tasmania now and have only just made it to the west coast, known as the wilder part of this strange little island. We seemed to get stuck in the south east for quite a while there, because every dirt road seems to conceal some little version of paradise.… Continue reading Still in Tasmania: The South East

Apple Picking on the Apple Isle

Our latest encounter with the overall-wearing magicians they call “mechanics” had left us (well, me) feeling somewhat vulnerable in the pocket region, and after a day in pretty Hobart Hailee assented to driving south, into apple country, to look for work. We left the Mount Wellington hut on Tuesday morning, thinking we’d hopefully find something… Continue reading Apple Picking on the Apple Isle

Down Under Down Under

Our guts celebrated their return to Australia with a final, furious salvo of the Delhi Belly that had been plaguing us since, well, Delhi. Call it a kneeling ovation for the India trip. Luckily, we had Dad’s spacious place to recover in, and after almost turning ourselves nocturnal with some poor responses to jetlag, we… Continue reading Down Under Down Under

Back To Australia

Just thought I should give a little update on our movements, even though we’ve almost – but not quite – caught up with everyone in person here in Australia. The Photo Menace Our stopover in Los Angeles was a tight one, especially when airport security staff – that multicultural, friendlily stern farewell to America –… Continue reading Back To Australia

The Man Booker Prize open to American authors – Now what happens?

Brisbane literary figures have expressed support for the Man Booker Prize’s decision to open the competition to any novel written in English and published in the United Kingdom. The prize had previously been open only to authors from the British Commonwealth, and some literary figures in the United Kingdom have expressed concern that American writers… Continue reading The Man Booker Prize open to American authors – Now what happens?

Listening to the Radio Man

It strikes me how quickly some more traditional (or at least I think of them traditional) media institutions have taken up the whole shift from paper to pixels. The ABC is one of those - the old girl usually the domain of crusty news anchors like Rod Young (well, I remember him as a little… Continue reading Listening to the Radio Man

Roadtrippin’ With My Two Favourite Allies…

This uni holidays was supposed to take me to Asia. India! Bangladesh! Sri Lanka! Laos! Philippines! They all screamed at me from airline booking sites and the Lonely Planet section in Dymocks. Then Mum booked an operation to get my wisdom teeth out come January something-th, with a dental appointment in mid-December to boot. And you'd be… Continue reading Roadtrippin’ With My Two Favourite Allies…

Israel/Palestine – the view from Australia (Reprise)

Earlier I posted a story on the competing interests jockeying for the Australian government's attention following Palestine's statehood application at the UN. This issue is a dense jungle of competing historic claims to land, conquest and persecution, made all the more complicated by the involvement of outside players and the gradual intertwining of Palestinian and Israeli… Continue reading Israel/Palestine – the view from Australia (Reprise)

Israel/Palestine and the view from Australia

An Australian-born son of Palestinian refugees in Melbourne has said he “can’t understand why the Australian government wouldn’t support the Palestinian statehood bid at the UN”. Moammar Mashni, co-founder and manager of Australians for Palestine, said the Labor Party’s national platform supported a two-state solution. “As the democratically elected government of this country … when… Continue reading Israel/Palestine and the view from Australia