A Postcard From Coronavirus-Stricken Seattle

Madison Park Beach, 11 a.m., Last Friday It’s the first properly warm day of the year in Seattle and, at Madison Park Beach, housewives who have been cooped up inside with small children for eight months or more are relishing the chance to soak in the sun. Their children are shrieking and roaming — though… Continue reading A Postcard From Coronavirus-Stricken Seattle

Consider the Crow

Recently, I had a spooky experience.  H and I were enjoying some spring sunshine on a beach in the Pacific Northwest and building an intricate sandcastle complex, complete with a working moat and a Mayan-style pyramid.  At one point we got up to find the twigs, stones, shells and seaweed that would adorn the construction,… Continue reading Consider the Crow

Reasons for Hope Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Hi all, I hope you’re doing well during a period that many news organisations insist on referring to as “these uncertain times.” I know a lot of us are struggling right now with medical problems, lost work, unemployment benefits bureaucracies, anxiety about family and friends we can’t physically hang out with any more and all… Continue reading Reasons for Hope Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic