Ramiro the Cockfighter

We pick our way through the pick-up trucks crammed into a dusty side street and hand thirty pesos (AUD$2.50) to the girl at the gate. Her eyes are bright as she welcomes us inĀ and we step into a walled-off lot of scrappy grass, a third of which is taken up by a building that was… Continue reading Ramiro the Cockfighter

Guerrero Negro – La Paz: To the Bottom of the Baja

Kilometres: 7494 Tommy's "Taco-ed" Wheels: 2 Crashes: 1 We spent three days in Guerrero Negro in the end, haunting the eateries and internet cafes and returning to the local soccer stadium by night to sleep. A group of seven American cyclists - dubbed the "Seattle Seven" by the rest of us - stuck around for… Continue reading Guerrero Negro – La Paz: To the Bottom of the Baja

San Diego – Guerrero Negro: Welcome to Mexico!

Kilometres: 6620 Tacos eaten: About 6620 Towns named "Rosarito": 2 New countries: 1 Well, I found Bobby B. Black aka Roberto Negro outside an apartment I was couchsurfing at one afternoon, fresh and stoked from riding over two days down from LAX to San Diego. How very strange to see him in the Americas once… Continue reading San Diego – Guerrero Negro: Welcome to Mexico!