Drab: New England Winter Chic

On a recent evening, H and I were walking home late from a night out. Walking home late — from a bar at our nearest square, the T station, a friend’s house, it doesn’t matter — on a winter evening means we were walking on cracked gray sidewalk, swaddled in jackets, gloved hands shoved in pockets, shoulders… Continue reading Drab: New England Winter Chic

It Ends A The Water’s Edge

“We’re from Minnnn-eh-sOOOHta,” a woman explains. “It’s our third time. We love it here.” She looks like an experienced visitor: her sunhat and lurid, shoulder-covering mumu speak of one-too-many sunburns splashing across the pale expanses of her skin. She takes half a step towards her acquaintance, a younger Black man in a billowy white t-shirt.… Continue reading It Ends A The Water’s Edge

Take A Moment On The Oregon Coast

Early in the spring, H and I spent some time on the coast in northern Oregon. We did this every so often during our time in Seattle, and especially during the pandemic. We’d sneak our names onto the schedule and avail ourselves of the famous beach cabin. We’d drive down in the night, bringing work… Continue reading Take A Moment On The Oregon Coast

Photos of the Day: A Slice of Life in the Cascade Mountains

A slice of life in the Washington Cascades: mountains, elk, heaven-sent convenience stores and "worship centres" masquerading as churches. After a long climb into the mountains from the east, I spent a day and two nights loitering around Randle and sleeping behind the local Methodist church, recharging for the ride to Mount St. Helens.

Photos of the Day: Cycle Touring in Rural British Columbia

In southern B.C. I was so busy worrying about bears and cougars that I was caught totally off guard by the little guy pictured below, who (I think) is harmless. I found him near a campsite down by the Similkameen River (pictured above), and after we scared the living daylights out of one another I groaned with dismay as I watched him slither into the bush where I’d left my bike.