Cycle Touring Puget Sound: A Bike Break From Reality

We woke early, grabbed our loaded bikes and rolled along our street, downhill toward Lake Union. Our uniform would be familiar to long-term readers of this blog — old shirts, padded pants, sunglasses, sandals and daggy helmets. We left the trail along Lake Union’s western shore and retook the streets, pedalling past H’s shuttered downtown office… Continue reading Cycle Touring Puget Sound: A Bike Break From Reality

Life Cycle Of A Crab

Some animals attract mates by collecting shiny objects. Others puff up their plumage and perform intricate dance recitals. Some squirt their seed into the atmosphere, others need to get up close and personal to make the whole thing work and more than a few of us do it simply because it’s a whole lot of… Continue reading Life Cycle Of A Crab