‘Studying’ in Bogota

This article and photos was first published in the December 2012 issue of Phoebella Magazine as 'Life as an Exchange Student". We’ve just noticed them building Colombia’s biggest Christmas tree in Plaza Simon Bolivar when my housemate grabs my shoulder – “Firewood!” We’re walking home through the obnoxious, polluted rush that is central Bogota in the… Continue reading ‘Studying’ in Bogota

Los Diarios del Gringo – A Preview

Forced by a mysterious Microsoft malady to use the computers at Kelvin Grove's QUT library I have only today discovered some pretty cool news. As of Friday the 13th (whether the date proves ominous, we shall see) of January your intrepid reporter (blogger, whatever) has been informed that come second semester, I will be blogging, posting and worrying the socks off your… Continue reading Los Diarios del Gringo – A Preview