Photos of the Day: A Slice of Life in the Cascade Mountains

A slice of life in the Washington Cascades: mountains, elk, heaven-sent convenience stores and "worship centres" masquerading as churches. After a long climb into the mountains from the east, I spent a day and two nights loitering around Randle and sleeping behind the local Methodist church, recharging for the ride to Mount St. Helens.

Heather Maple Hiking

Washington State is a hiker’s paradise. To scroll around a map of hiking trails in the Cascade Mountains is to be bamboozled with the sheer number of options available to you — and during a summer when any indoors get-together with friends carried a potential health risk for you and everyone else in your bubble,… Continue reading Heather Maple Hiking

Penticton – Randle: A full plate in Washington state

Kilometres: One thousand and something! "Evergreen State"s crossed: not quite one. Star-spangled flags spotted: about 7.3 per person. As I pedalled out of Nicholson Street after a few days with some family friends, I thought "Well, I'm a cyclist again". I left Penticton full, happy, excited and, well, in pouring rain and into a driving… Continue reading Penticton – Randle: A full plate in Washington state