Hi there! I’m a writer and photographer from a smallish town in Australia. I’ve lived in Brisbane, Bogota, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and now reside in Southern California. During my thirty-ish years I have devoted most of my time, energy and resources to travel and adventure, and have been lucky to explore a fair chunk of the planet we call home. Those journeys inform the perspectives I bring to my work. This website has now hosted those perspectives for more than ten years

Okay, let’s get you acquainted with the site:

In 2014 and 2015 I spent a year riding a bicycle from Canada to El Salvador. That journey remains the biggest adventure I’ve ever undertaken and completely changed the trajectory of my life. It forms the basis of a travel novel called The Guest: A Backroads Journey by Bicycle, which you can now order in paperback or via your e-reader. I’d be honored if you snagged yourself a copy.

For all other writing, which mostly covers travel, culture and the occasional bit of politics and technology, check out my blog.

I have a separate feed for photography, if that’s more your thing.

A few highlights from the site:

  • I occasionally freelance for other publications. You can find a partial list here.

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