My Most Popular Medium Article Tore People Apart

I’ve had an interesting first couple of months on Medium.  In late August I published a story from my blog called “What Is Up With American Trucks?” I wrote it to express my dismay and disdain for men (mostly men) who drive enormous, gas-guzzling, road-hogging, pedestrian-splatting pickup trucks when they have no practical need for… Continue reading My Most Popular Medium Article Tore People Apart

Portals: Cycling From NYC to Boston

Friday Afternoon A sliver of a river slides beneath the rails and then we’re in Queens, floating over a great plain of brick row houses and tessellating backyards, little boxes of space framed by high fences. I love the train for its glimpses at unseen places: rooftops covered in broken glass, a hidden tag from… Continue reading Portals: Cycling From NYC to Boston

Eight Days Across America

It took us eight days to cross the United States from end to end, speeding over prairies in our lozenge-shaped craft, floating inches above the tarmac of Interstate 90 on four rubber-bound air cushions.  Washington was a rolling brown farmland they call the Palouse. Idaho was a brief, gorgeous jaunt across the panhandle: sapphire lakes… Continue reading Eight Days Across America