Heather Maple Hiking

Washington State is a hiker’s paradise. To scroll around a map of hiking trails in the Cascade Mountains is to be bamboozled with the sheer number of options available to you — and during a summer when any indoors get-together with friends carried a potential health risk for you and everyone else in your bubble,… Continue reading Heather Maple Hiking

Hiking Frenchman’s Cap

Frenchman’s Cap is a white mountain, made mostly of quartzite, in Tasmania’s southwestern wilderness. It doesn’t look like a Frenchman, or a cap, but apparently some convicts thought it did so that was that. On a clear day you can get a glimpse of it from the Lyell Highway as you cross the island from… Continue reading Hiking Frenchman’s Cap

A Lesson in Humility in El Cocuy

"Yeah, I want to go to El Cocuy" "Oh cool! I've never been, but you have to take a guide, it's very dangerous!" "Na, it'll be right" "No you really have to! Last year a group of tourists went without a guide and got lost. They weren't seen for a month, and one of them… Continue reading A Lesson in Humility in El Cocuy

Roadtrippin’ With My Two Favourite Allies…

This uni holidays was supposed to take me to Asia. India! Bangladesh! Sri Lanka! Laos! Philippines! They all screamed at me from airline booking sites and the Lonely Planet section in Dymocks. Then Mum booked an operation to get my wisdom teeth out come January something-th, with a dental appointment in mid-December to boot. And you'd be… Continue reading Roadtrippin’ With My Two Favourite Allies…